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    On Sale: ITW Brasington Central Station Train

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    Product Description

    On Sale: ITW Brasington Central Station Train
    Robert Brasington’s spectacular trains can turn an occasion into an event. The beautiful blend of rainbow colors is subtly enhanced by his color fades. Nearly weightless organza tails make them stable, reliable fliers. Formerly limited to the number that Robert could make himself, this train is now being made by Into The Wind. This particular train was rejected during our quality inspection process due to some wear on the Dacron reinforcement on the front of the sail (on the front kite) near where the dihedral is on the back. There's also some discoloration on the lighter panels of the second and third sails; black marks that won't come out. They will most likely not be noticeable in flight. Otherwise, this train is brand new and has never been flown. Made of ripstop nylon with fiberglass spars, each kite is 1’-8” x 3’-4” with a 12-ft. tail. This 6-kite train is 55-ft. long. 40” case included which has a place near the logo where the case trim has been incorrectly sewn and the fabric is not stitched to the trim. 5 to 18 mph winds. 100-lb. Dacron line recommended. Original price $199. Sale price $169.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Beginner
    Minimum Wind Speed: 5
    Maximum Wind Speed: 18
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    Price: $169.00
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