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    Prism Flip Kite

    You’ll flip over Prism’s new rotor kite.
    Product Description

    Prism Flip Kite
    Spinning above you like a mysterious, wind-powered machine, the Flip Kite looks like a kaleidoscope in motion. The vivid graphics blend and blur, creating virtual colors and patterns that can only be seen in flight. Rotor kites fly by spinning with the wind (you’ll get asked if it has a motor). The vertical ring acts like a stabilizing gyroscope, making it rock-steady even in gusty winds. Made of ripstop polyester on a fiberglass and carbon fiber frame. 1’-10” x 1’-5”. No assembly needed, it folds flat to 22” x 17” for easy transport. Includes 200’ of 20-lb. polyester line on a handle. Wind range: 6 to 25 mph.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Beginner
    Minimum Wind Speed: 6
    Maximum Wind Speed: 25
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    This is a cool looking kite but on the small size
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    This is a cool looking kite but on the small size. I got way more feedback with the prism E06 kite. Flies very well once you get it up.
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    This is a really cool kite but a little hard to get in the air
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    Crowd Pleaser! I have wanted a kite like this for 30 years when I saw one in a catalog, but I couldn't convince my parents to get me one. I searched everywhere last year and could not find it. Thankfully it is here! I flew it in very gusty wind and in high 45F-50F temperatures. It flies great in a steady wind and the gusts blow it around and make it do loops. At first it was hard to get it to climb - it kept wanting to just go out instead of up, but eventually the wind evened out and the kite climbed. Several people asked me if there was a motor or if I had to wind it up and a couple of dogs just stared up in the sky at it. Get it for the cool factor alone! Great fun to fly.
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    It needs a good steady wind to keep flying
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    This is a really cool kite but a little hard to get in the air. Once the wind is blowing it starts spinning but doesn't go really high unless there's enough wind.
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