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    ITW Manta Kite
    A huge kite with four times the sail area of the Skate, Paul de Bakker's Manta flies in the same low to no-wind conditions as its little brother. Unlike the Skate, it's a more laid-back style of kite that doesn't require a lot of attention. The Manta could be the first kite out of your bag in the morning when the wind isn't up yet and the last one to be put away when the wind drops off at sunset. There's something magical about this big kite as it floats effortlessly in a seemingly windless sky. 10'-8" x 8'-0". 36/67" case. 1 to 6 mph winds. Use 100-lb. Dacron line.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 1
    Maximum Wind Speed: 6
    Scott Hertenstein
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    Supurb Light Wind Kite
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    My wife and I bought one after losing my original Hunter Brown & Paul Debakker custom made manta. Nicole O'Neal customized the new one with "C & S 1966" like the original. The new kite flies as well as our original. Paul DeBakker said I can fly it in stronger winds (up to about 14 mph) with the stronger spreader I bought for my original. You can fly this kite indoors.
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    Manta is a great addition to the range of low-wind kites
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Manta is a great addition to the range of low-wind kites. Unlike most, it has sufficient size to be really noticeable. It needs to be treated with respect, as something this big made from such lightweight materials could be a little vulnerable to damage, but I foresee no problems if you stick to the suggested wind range. \ \ The kite flies very well, although it does have a tendency to overfly sometimes (go beyond the vertical and end up behind the flier.) This could probably be corrected by the addition of a fuzzy tail, but I am reluctant to spoil the look of the kite. \ \ If you are flying near its maximum range, don't try reeling in the Manta quickly when you've finished flying, as that adds to apparent wind-speed and puts extra strain on the kite. Instead, walk towards the kite as you reel in slowly, and that way you will have no problems. \ \ To see the kite in action, you can view my YouTube video on .
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