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    Skydropper Line Climber

    It's the brave little parachuting bear!
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    Skydropper Line Climber
    The Skydropper is one brave teddy. Launched from his parachute line climber, the 4" bear floats gently to Earth ready for another flight. The Skydropper uses the parachute itself for lifting power. 2.5-oz. total weight. A 6-ft delta provides enough lift. Assorted colors of parachutes and bears.

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    We bought two of these for our daughter to play with
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    We bought two of these for our daughter to play with. Nobody at the ITW store knew much about them. Unfortunately, this sky dropper just doesn't perform consistently. It requires the lifting kite to be a fairly low flier. Anything over 45 degrees vertical will not work at all. If you are around 45, it will work occasionally. To consistently work, you need to have a lower flying kite. Even then, the bear will often fall off long before reaching its final destination. Verdict: this sky dropper is a fair value for the price. Provided you can deal with not dripping when you want, and have a low flying kite, it can be fun for the kids.
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