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    On Sale: Revolution B-Series STD Full Sail 1.5 Quad Kite

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    On Sale: Revolution B-Series STD Full Sail 1.5 Quad Kite
    Watching iQuad fly, who doesn’t want to join in on the fun? The best part is that you don’t have to be hardcore to fly with them. Anyone with a Rev can play. The kite that they use, John Baressi’s B-Series, is based on his 19 years of competition experience. He tweaked the bridle to lower the angle of attack, slowing the kite while speeding response. He flies on 120’ linesets, the new international standard for team flying. Longer lines give a bigger wind window to fly in and more time to respond to your kite. 7'-10" x 2'-7". 8.6-oz. Includes quad-handles and 37” case. Use 90/90-lb. Quad-Line set. This kite is a lightly flown manufacturer sample. This kite is the full sail version of the B-Series 1.5 which is meant for lighter winds (3-16mph) than ITW's mid-vent model. It features a black and gold color pattern no longer in production. Comes with a 3-wrap frame; 2-wrap frame not included. Original price: $335.00. Sale price: $284.75.

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