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    On Sale: Sundog Quad-line Kite

    Sundog shines for first-time fliers
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    Product Description

    On Sale: Sundog Quad-line Kite
    Enjoy the total control of four lines with a kite that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (or threaten to pull one off). Forward, reverse and pivot turns are easy in this quad-line setup. Controlled by pulling or pivoting the handles, the Sundog is a natural for two-line fliers wanting to master four-line flying. One of Christoph's favorite kites, the Sundog incorporates the latest paraglider technology, making it very efficient and surprisingly stable in low winds. Fast and responsive, it can pull a lot for its size. 5'-11" x 2'-3". 10" x 11" case. This kite has been flown and was returned by a customer with a tangled bridle. The bridle has been untangled and the kite has been checked out by our staff and determined to be in great condition.  This kite **does not** include the lineset and quad-line handles.  Handles can be purchased separately from Into The Wind but we don't sell a comparable 200/150-lb. quad-line set.  You would need to make your own lineset or use one from another kite.  Thus, the fabulous discount.  Original price $175.  Sale price $85.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 8
    Maximum Wind Speed: 25
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    Price: $85.00
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