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    On Sale: John Barresi Kymera Stunt Kite - Blue

    John Barresi works his magic on two line kites
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    Product Description

    On Sale: John Barresi Kymera Stunt Kite - Blue
    Designed by John Barresi in collaboration with ITW, the Kymera blends old and new school elements to produce both trick and precision ability in a wide wind range. Graceful side slides, jacobs ladders, spin landings to wap-do-waps, this is a true all-rounder fit for a fun day at the beach or serious competition. Built to drive and track with sharp, stable cornering when loaded up with a good wind, the Kymera is a great kite for tight banking turns and arcs with small powerful inputs, backed up by its smooth style throughout a wide range of tricks. This particular kite has marks on the white panels of the sail that we believe is caused by transfer from the leading edge tape on the kite. These marks are superficial and cosmetic only and will have no effect on performance or durability. Most likely, they will not be visible in flight. It does not appear that this kite has been flown but it was missing half of the lower spreader. We have replaced it with comparable material but with a different appearance. Overall, a kite in excellent condition but with a few imperfections. Icarex polyester with Sky Shark carbon spars. 7’-2” x 3’-2”. 11.1-oz. 58/36” case. Includes a fixed 15-gram weight on the spine and another one on the tail, plus two 5-gram tail weights to use in any combination that you choose. Use 90-lb. Spectra line. Original price $225. Sale price $180.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 4
    Maximum Wind Speed: 18
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    Price: $180.00
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