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    On Sale: ITW Goliath Stunt Kite

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    Product Description

    On Sale: ITW Goliath Stunt Kite
    When your kite pulls so hard that it's all you can do to keep your feet on the ground, the weight of the world lifts right off your shoulders. Big, bold and crisply responsive, the Goliath has enough pull to grab your attention and not let it go. The next generation of power kites, it's built tough to handle the strong winds that empower it. Yet, it's light enough for freestyle flying in light winds, where it does tricks with a relaxed, slow grace. Made of high-quality, ripstop nylon and durable, Dutch carbon spars. 9'-8" x 4'-7". 24.5-oz. 80/44" case. Use 300-lb. Spectra line. This kite has been flown and had a small tear in the sleeve near the nose that has been resewn. There are some minor marks on the orange sail panel. This kite has been discontinued and is no longer available. Original price $198. Sale price $155.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 5
    Maximum Wind Speed: 25
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    Price: $155.00
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