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    On Sale: Mirage XL Stunt Kite

    Play hang glider pilot.
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    Product Description

    On Sale: Mirage XL Stunt Kite
    Exhilaration in slo-mo, the Mirage XL is precise, straight tracking, surprisingly responsive, and pulls incredibly hard. With the kick-ass look of a high-performance hang glider, it makes a cool whooshing sound when it flies. This kite has been flown and shows some signs of wear, especially the Velcro tabs on the wingtips.  We've repaired the broken leading edge with the original manufacturer parts.  A 1" tear in the sail near the upper spreader connector has been, imperfectly repaired with Tedlar tape.  Although it is completely functional, the patch is noticeable, but probably not in flight.  Made of ripstop nylon with carbon spars. 10’1” x 3’-10”. 25.9-oz. 75/41” case. Ready to Fly with used 115’ of 400-lb. Dyneema lines, winder and new padded straps. No instructions included. Original price $325. Sale price $240.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 6
    Maximum Wind Speed: 30
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    Price: $240.00
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