ITW Echo Stunt Kite

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    ITW Echo Stunt Kite
    The Echo's easy, floating flight will increase your flying time outdoors and have you flying indoors in no time. Increasingly popular, indoor flying makes you really feel one with the kite; the lines become extensions of your arms. Well balanced for flat spins, Paul de Bakkers's Echo is graceful yet agile. The stiff .125" carbon tubes help the kite hold its shape outdoors in light winds and make indoor throw and catch maneuvers easier. Outdoors, it flies effortlessly, even in 0 to 1 mph winds and still performs all of the basic and advanced tricks. Made of .6-oz. Icarex polyester with carbon spars. 6'-0" x 2'-11". 51/29" case. Use 50-lb. Spectra or Dyneema line. Paul recommends 12-14' lines indoors and 25-35' outdoors.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 0
    Maximum Wind Speed: 7
    Steve Olson from Long Beach, Wa
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    Not quite what I hoped
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    I was hoping for a kite that would fly in lighter winds than my Prism 4d and my Prodancer Sul. This won't but it is more stable than my 4d spins better and does spin stalls better. It is stiffer and has more mass thus allowing it to trick sort of kind of. It actually needs about 3/4 mph; similar to the prodancer in order for you to not run around significantly while the 4d will fly pretty well in 1/2 mph winds.
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