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    Prism Nexus Stunt Kite 5-Pack

    Nexus 5-Pack packs a punch.
    Product Description

    Prism Nexus Stunt Kite 5-Pack
    A mellow train in light winds, the 5-Pack pulls like a truck when the wind picks up. If you're feeling the need to put on a show, add the 50-ft. polyethylene tails for a traffic-stopping display. Made of ripstop nylon with graphite spars. Each kite is 5'-6" x 2'-6". (This product has a shipping length greater than 42" and can not be shipped to most international addresses.) Ready to Fly with 100' of 200-lb. Spectra lines straps and winder in an elegant nylon bag that holds the kites rolled up or assembled and linked together.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 6
    Maximum Wind Speed: 25
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    Ive had this stacker for about 2 years now
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    Great Kite, lots of fun. Lots of power. To much power for the strings. need to buy stronger string set. to fly it..........enjoy
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    Great Kite
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    Ive had this stacker for about 2 years now, and WOW!!! I fregin love it. It has has great power and "WILL" drag you if your not tethered. But wheres the fun in that right? Stock line is weak, so do yourself a favor and get upgraded line (I got 300) and padded wrist straps, cause the stockers will turn your hands to fall asleep. It has been absolute fun and I couldn't have spent that wad any better. Its for sure a show-boat rig as well, always gets a crowd, and I'm always asked to bring it out when its a good day. Has great ability even in little wind, but you'll have to lose the tails. Setup takes a bit, the tails tend to get tangled easily, and i usually need an assistant (wife). On real blustery days, I use a cork-screw from my dogs leash to tether down, with a leather beat and climbers rig. Buy it, you will love it. Id like to get another stack and attach it so that I could have 10 of buggers up there. GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!! Wish the company would make a bigger set (Span Wise). GET HEAVIER LINE !!!!!
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