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    ITW B-Series Rev B2 Kite

    John Barresi's Rev B2 is great for solo fun
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    Product Description

    ITW B-Series Rev B2 Kite
    Over 20% smaller than the B-Series 1.5, the B2 is faster and more responsive. The original B was designed to be slow and easy for team flying and mass ascensions, while the B2 spins and dives at speeds that will test your reflexes and let you draw a crowd all by yourself. Our mid-Vent B2 is quick and precise, with a wide wind range. It provides the same versatility as the original B-Series with easy tuning and 11” handles (larger than the original Rev II) for more control. Because of its size, the B2 is great for stacking - train a few and you'll have real power in your hands with unparalleled control. Small, fast and agile, the B2 just leaves me giggling to myself with its nearly auto-completing flic flacs and axels... One hit that would give me a single axel on the 1.5 B-Series sends this bad boy into double axels half the time, sideways flic-flacs are easier than ever, and it's so responsive that I've really found an opportunity to further refine my control! And for short line flying…? Oh yeah! This kite is so easy to move around, 3D catch and throw flying is a breeze. - John Barresi. Made of Icarex polyester, it includes both 2-wrap and 3-wrap carbon frames. 6’-2” x 2’-1”. 6.4-oz. Incredible 5 to 30 mph wind range. The 3-piece leading edge lets it fit in a suitcase-friendly 27” case. Use 90/90-lb. quad-line set.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 5
    Maximum Wind Speed: 30
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