ITW Fandango Fighter Kite

    The best fighters are back!
    Product Description

    ITW Fandango Fighter Kite
    Treat yourself to some of the best flying fighter kites ever made. Jeff Howard’s designs are so responsive and predictable; you’ll fly better than ever. The Fandango is a bit quicker than the Hoopty, it spins like a top and stops on a dime. The curved trailing edge splits the wind stream, making it track straight as a rail. Working with Jeff, we’re making his fighters in the USA of 0.6-oz. ripstop polyester with carbon spars. Shipped flat, they can fold to 30”. 2'-2" x 1'-9". 0.6-oz. Use Waxed Linen Line.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 2
    Maximum Wind Speed: 18
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    Price: $59.00