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    ITW George Peters' Indian Fighter Kite

    Back and better then ever
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    ITW George Peters' Indian Fighter Kite
    The result of the world's longest running fighter kite design competition, the Indian Fighter is fast spinning, straight tracking and hard to beat. George Peters' beautiful version adds the strength and durability of ripstop nylon and fiberglass to this all-time favorite. Made in the USA. 2'-3" x 1'-11". 1.3-oz. 5 to 15 mph winds. Use linen line.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 5
    Maximum Wind Speed: 15
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    For my first fighter kite this is a real charmer
    Product Rating
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    For my first fighter kite this is a real charmer. I had purchased the 14# linen line but I think the 8# linen line would suffice much better as the 14# seemed too heavy and drooped, resulting in very delayed response from my tugs. I noticed after a few crashes that the metal dihedral fitting was showing distress from being bent and then back again to it's original position. A few of those dihedral plastic fittings might be in need after the metal one finally breaks. While learning to fly it I found it flew better with a short tail. Otherwise a neat little fighter. I look forward to learning to fly it better and eventually without a tail.
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