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    ITW Korean Fighter Kite

    Fly Korean for the first time.
    Product Description

    ITW Korean Fighter Kite
    Korean fighters have a unique feel and style of flight. Straight tracking and easy to control, our Korean Fighter is made in the USA of 1/2 oz. ripstop polyester and carbon spars. An excellent light wind flier, it's a great addition to our traditional fighter kites. 1'-3" x 1'-11". 1.0-oz. 4 to 16 mph winds. Use Linen line.

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Experienced
    Minimum Wind Speed: 4
    Maximum Wind Speed: 16
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    The kite looks really cool while it's in the sky
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    The kite looks really cool while it's in the sky....but I spent more time constantly adjusting it so that it wouldn't track one way or the other.. Kind of unfortunate because it does look really cool while it's flying . \ \ The speed of the kite is really kind of slow and disappointing. I was able to make it dive (albeit slowly) and it would turn on a dime....but ultimately it just wasn't that fun. You have to adjust strings on the kite to get it to track straight and that became way too much of a hassle. Eventually it was beyond adjustment and I just couldn't get it to stay in the air (it constantly tracked one way or the other no matter how many times I adjusted it). \ \ I have a red ITW Hata that is 20x more fun for half the price.
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