One of a Kind Kite: Colossus Box Kite

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    Product Description

    One of a Kind Kite: Colossus Box Kite
    Into The Wind asked Christoph Fokken to design a big, fancy box kite inspired by some Malaysian box kites that we carried years ago.  Of course, it needed to be "scaled up" and made with modern materials.  The Colossus Box is the result of that endeavor.  This prototype, handmade by Christoph with 40D ripstop nylon and framed with 8mm carbon spars, was never put into production because the material and labor costs made it too expensive to sell commercially.  The kite itself performs magnificently.  It has been test flown by Christoph and Into The Wind's George Emmons about five or six times in various winds where it is easy to fly with just the right amount of pull.  It flies at a steep angle and can handle turbulent and gusty winds as well, although the pull will be stronger in these conditions. Recommended wind range is 8-28 mph. Use 200-lb Dacron line or stronger line when flying in strong winds. Wear gloves and tie down the kite as necessary. 6'-11" x 5'-0" x 3'-6".

    Product Specifications
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Minimum Wind Speed: 8
    Maximum Wind Speed: 28
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