Luna Moth Kite

    Luna Moth Kite

     Light-wind Leviathan
    Price:   $175.00  
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    Carsten Domann's Luna Moth is a lightweight giant that floats serenely on gentle breezes. When the wind drops at sunset, it's the perfect time to get out the Lunar Moth. Made of ripstop nylon with carbon spars. 5 ...
    Domann Genki Butterfly Kite

    Domann Genki Butterfly Kite

     Giant Genki needs virtually no wind
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    Price:   $255.00  
    From  $255.00      $260.10

    Carsten Domann’s lightweight Genki flies at incredibly high angles in very light winds. The 25-ft. streamer tails increase its wind range, stabilizing its flight as they add to the show. Made of ripstop polyester ...
    Domann's Canard Kite

    Domann's Canard Kite

     Fly high with bird-like grace
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    Price:   $139.00  
    From  $139.00      $141.78

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    Carsten Domann's Canard is an elegant design that makes the most of light winds. One of our favorite toys it's perfect for pull-ups and thermal soaring. The fact that it has that 19th century high-tech look is ...