Puzzling robotic pals play well together
    Price:   $9.95  
    From  $9.95      $10.15

    Part puzzle, part action figure, Cubebot is a simple and elegant transforming toy. Based upon the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, these little guys are sustainably made from Beech Wood. Durable and flexible, ...
    Hexbug Worm Robotic Critter
    This battery-powered, robotic worm moves almost like a real, live inchworm. You control its movement with a tiny remote control. Make the worm move forward and back or side to side. Uses AG13/LR44 alkaline ...
    Hexbug Nano Robotic Critter

    Hexbug Nano Robotic Critter

     Tiny bug has loads of energy.
    Price:   $7.99  
    From  $7.99      $8.15

    Just flip the switch and this little bug zooms around any hard surface at high speed. When it encounters an obstacle, it bounces off, changes direction and keeps going. If it falls on its back, it even knows how ...
    Hexbug Spider

    Hexbug Spider

     Control your own robotic spider
    Price:   $34.95  
    From  $34.95      $35.65

    The Hexbug Spider is a six leg, remote control device you can pilot around your room. Agile legs help it maneuver difficult terrain, and can rotate 360 degrees. Dual band control allows for two spiders to be ...
    Sphero 2.0

    Sphero 2.0

     Roll out the fun with Sphero
    Price:   $129.99  
    From  $129.99      $132.59

    Liven up the party or just entertain yourself and your pets. Controlled by your smart phone, Sphero is the robotic ball that goes where you want it to. Make it glow every color you can imagine as it zips around ...
    Hexbug Robotic Critter
    Price:   $12.95  
    From  $12.95      $13.21

    These battery-powered robotic creatures move like real, live insects. They even react to touch and sound. Clap or stomp near the bug and it will turn around; gently touch its metal antenae and it will change ...