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19-ft. Grand Delta Kite

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Item # 3694-TEKNA
Price: $595.00
In Stock

Grand Delta Kites are built to last
A graceful flier, this delta kite excels in winds from 5 to 18 mph. Constructed with heavily reinforced details, it's made of ripstop nylon with fiberglass spars. It has 3 tail attachment points. Built like a tank, this enormous kite will blow you away. Be prepared for more pull than you know what to do with. 18-6 x 9-3. 4-lbs. 15-oz. 50* case. Folds to 47 (This product has a shipping length greater than 42" and can not be shipped to most international addresses). Use 500-lb. Dacron line.

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19-ft. Grand Delta Kite

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Skill Level:   Experienced
Min. Wind:   5 mph
Max. Wind:   18 mph
Brand:   Premier Kites
Added to site:   10/23/2014
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(5 of 5)
USMCRet93, 2012-03-18
I received a 19 foot Teknacolor Grand Delta kite for Christmas. It is one of my favorite kites! You should see the look on p... [read more]

(5 of 5)
sunrunner5000, 2011-02-22
In winds over 10 mph use the 300 lb dacron but less than that use 100 lb because it will not stay aloft with anything less than a... [read more]

(2 of 5)
Kiteman78, 2009-09-25
I flew a really small vergin of this kite 3000 ft high and its not so great at all. Even though this kite fly's out of site its n... [read more]

(5 of 5)
wjhmsme, 2009-05-06
This thing is huge. I know it says 19', but that means nothing until you see it. It ALWAYS draws a crowd and I get several of t... [read more]

(5 of 5)
romafern, 2009-04-11
If you like Deltas, this is the one to have. I have several Deltas but this one is my favorite because I like big kites. If there... [read more]

(5 of 5)
djmike, 2007-09-16
I flew this kite the first time out in a 20 to 30 mph wind but never left the ground. :) For a kite so large I was amazed at how ... [read more]

(4 of 5)
tonymarotti, 2007-04-23
Extremely big and great fun. [read more]