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ITW Dan Leigh Trooper Delta Kite

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Item # 3627
Price: $139.00
In Stock

Fly high, even in strong winds
The most passionate and accomplished delta designer in the world, Dan Leigh's high-aspect ratio deltas fly at amazingly high angles. Unsurpassed for all-around flying ability, they're so good that people have been willing to wait up to a year to get one. Dan has been making them all himself and says: "If you can't wait, please don't order!" After 20 years of waiting for his kites, we're working together and making his kites in China. We've upgraded the sails to -oz. Icarex polyester and updated the graphics, to make them look as good as they fly. Please note: all of Dan's kites have shipping lengths over 42" and can't be shipped to most international addresses. One of Dan's most popular kites in England, this high wind pro is a high flier throughout its 6 to 24 mph wind range. The balloon keel prevents stalling during lulls. Use 75 to 100-lb. Dacron line. 7'-2" x 3'-9". 66" case. 1 tail attachment point.

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ITW Dan Leigh Trooper Delta Kite
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Skill Level:   Beginner
Min. Wind:   6 mph
Max. Wind:   24 mph
Brand:   Into The Wind
Added to site:   10/23/2014

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(5 of 5)
darrenawood, 2012-03-23
Awesome kite by ITW and Dan.. Ive been using this for autokap for about 2 weeks. once the kite is in clean air it sticks to the sk... [read more]

(5 of 5)
kyleandkendric, 2011-07-17
I love this kite mostly on high winds, i let go 3,000 ft of 100 lb. line and it's still flying straight up, what a kite. [read more]

(5 of 5)
kyleandkendric, 2011-06-19
This is a great kite and so easy to fly, it's so nice to put a toy parachute on it's back and it will deploy when up in the air, ... [read more]

(5 of 5)
dlc59, 2009-12-14
ITW has done it again with these Dan Leigh Deltas....GREAT KITES, Nate!!!!!!!! I love flying DL Deltas because of their versatil... [read more]