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ITW Sweet 16 Delta Kite

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Item # 3615
Price: $325.00
In Stock

Sweet 16, our single line power kite.
Big enough to knock your socks off, our 16-ft. Delta kite is designed and built to be better. Seemingly weightless in light winds (quite a trick for a 3 1/2-lb. kite), it has the strength to lift a ton of line laundry. Built to handle strong winds, “it pulls like a horse in more than 15 mph,” says Christoph. Be prepared and have a way to tie it down. Made with lightweight, durable Dutch fiberglass spars and ripstop nylon, it’s reinforced extensively. Three tail attachment points. 16’-0” x 8’-0”. 51” case (This product has a shipping length greater than 42" and can not be shipped to most international addresses). Wind range: 3 to 18 mph. Use 300-lb. Dacron line.

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ITW Sweet 16 Delta Kite
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Skill Level:   Experienced
Min. Wind:   3 mph
Max. Wind:   18 mph
Brand:   Into The Wind
Added to site:   10/23/2014
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(5 of 5)
tvabiker, 2015-02-13
Ive had this kite for 3yrs.. flown it at least 200 times.. up to 1800' youtube tvabiker for video... had to make my own kite ree... [read more]

(5 of 5)
erichie85, 2012-05-23
This is a wonderfully beautiful kite and a joy to fly. Its very well built and is definitely an attention grabber. I've been flyin... [read more]

(1 of 5)
svogt, 2011-08-31
I have owned this kite for two years but only had it in the air four times. On two of those four times I broke a kite pole. Whe... [read more]

(5 of 5)
kyleandkendric, 2011-05-29
I just fly it the first time after it was delivered a day ago and was surprised how big and how hard it pulls,unfortunately i fl... [read more]

(5 of 5)
wjhmsme, 2010-03-17
OK - I finally got to fly it - it was worth the wait. Easily the best "paint job" of any kite I have as well as the best built -... [read more]

(5 of 5)
wjhmsme, 2009-12-24
I just got this kite today and I took it out of the box and was amazed. If it flies only half as well as it is built it should b... [read more]

(5 of 5)
dougonfly52, 2007-07-25
An exceptional kite! Gets attention wherever I fly, floats like a cloud in light winds, and the colors are beautifuly well done, ... [read more]