Lycos 2.0 Stunt Kite

    Lycos 2.0 Stunt Kite

     And you thought other foils were fast
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    Christoph Fokken's Lycos foils are the speed demons of the sky. Low resistance airfoils with high aspect ratio sails, slim Dyneema bridles and stiff V profile cells, they have unequalled speed and power. Clocked ...
    Spiderkites Neon Foil Stunt Kite

    Spiderkites Neon Foil Stunt Kite

     Survive the Storm!
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    Do you want to fly when everybody else is packing up and you don’t mind a little blowing sand? That’s what the Neon is made for! It’s an easy to handle, rocket fast kite that needs and loves ...