Spiderkites Neon Foil Stunt Kite

    Spiderkites Neon Foil Stunt Kite

     Survive the Storm!
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    Do you want to fly when everybody else is packing up and you don’t mind a little blowing sand? That’s what the Neon is made for! It’s an easy to handle, rocket fast kite that needs and loves ...
    Lycos 2.0 Stunt Kite

    Lycos 2.0 Stunt Kite

     And you thought other foils were fast
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    Christoph Fokken's Lycos foils are the speed demons of the sky. Low resistance airfoils with high aspect ratio sails, slim Dyneema bridles and stiff V profile cells, they have unequalled speed and power. Clocked ...