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10-ft White Ghost Delta Kite

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Get a really huge PyroDelta at a great priceIn 1998, Frank Schweimann’s PyroDeltas stole the show in Dieppe. The sky was filled with white ghostly forms, each lifting white flares. Made of soft, free flowing nylon, the Ghost Delta is an unforgettable sight as the wind sends waves of ripples down the tail. Attach one of our Lightman Xenon Strobes to the line and you’ll attract more nighttime attention than you know what to do with. 10-ft wide, it has 30-ft long tails. Made of lightweight ripstop nylon and fiberglass spars. 58” case included. Wind range: 6 to 18 mph. Use 150 to 200-lb. Dacron line.
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Product Brand Gomberg Kite Productions International
Skill Level Intermediate
Minimum Wind 6 mph
Maximum Wind 18 mph
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