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On Sale: Five Burp Guns and Extra Balls

Get five blasts from the past
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On Sale: Five Burp Guns and Extra Balls
The original 1950's Burp Gun was one of our most popular toys. It shoots small ping pong like balls over 20 feet with air pressure. Just pump it up to fire single or multiple shots with the classic "burp" sound. 22" long, it comes with 15 balls. Made in the U.S.A.  We last sold these Burp Guns in 2015.  These five guns were returned and although they show some signs of wear they are more or less functional.  Three seem to be perfectly fine.  The fourth one takes extra "pumping" in order for it to shoot.  The fifth gun has a loose plastic tube that needs to be fitted into place for the gun to fire.  All five guns have 15 balls included and there's an extra bag of 15 balls.  Each gun originally sold for $19.95 and a bag of 10 extra balls was $4.99.  That makes the original price for the five guns $107.24. Sale price is $49.75 for the package of five.

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