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1/4" Nock

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1/4" Nock
1/4" Nocks (for 1/8" FG rod & 1/4" dowels). Used to connect shock cord to spars. Fit on Fiberglass rod sizes shown. Use nock inserts with Glasform tubing. Point the end of wooden dowels with a pencil sharpener.

Chris H Submitted: 5/16/2018
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Not the best for wooden dowels
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This is not necessarily a mediocre product but it is not very good for wood dowels in my experience. Just so every one knows when they say 1/4" they mean external diameter (not internal diameter) and the inside is strongly beveled inwards. I tried both the mentioned pencil sharpening method and hand hand carving suggested for wooden dowels but ether way it felt wobbly and unstable even when secured strong with tape. You might be able to glue them in for more stability but I bought these for quick change outs to a new wooden dowel when an old wooden dowel brakes on a kite (the ITW Valhalla) that seems to eat up the recommended wooden cross spars. I have no clue how it will preform on carbon or fiber glass rods/tubes, though the taper on inside of the nock might be an issue if you don't have a properly sized pointed fitting to go in it. Over all I don't think this is a bad product, it just not that great for wood dowels, I personally don't see it working ideally for fiberglass/carbon rods/tubes even with pointed fittings, and it definitely need a more detailed specification on the web page description. I gave it three stars because it can work but is not the best solution.
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