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Alain's Switch Kite

Bored? The Switch can fix that.
Product Description

Alain's Switch Kite
A single line kite that’s stable when left alone, it’s a reactive acrobat when the line is tugged. With the sliding bridle, it can be launched with either end “up.” In flight, slacken the line and the flying line drops to the bottom of the bridle. A quick tug on the line makes the kite do a 180°. Yoyos, axels and other completely crazy tricks are there to discover. The perfect kite when you need some excitement in your relaxation, it self assembles by popping open when you remove it from its 14” circular case and stores just as quickly by folding. Made of ripstop nylon with a fiberglass frame, it flies in winds from 3-22 mph. 1'-6" x 2'-1". Alain recommends flying on shorter line in lighter winds and longer line in stronger winds using the included 150’ 90-lb Dyneema line on a winder.

Product Specifications
Skill Level: Experienced
Minimum Wind Speed: 3
Maximum Wind Speed: 22
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