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Brasington Angel Wing Kite

A new Brasington masterpiece for your sky
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Product Description

Brasington Angel Wing Kite
At kite festivals worldwide, Robert Brasington fills the sky with graceful shapes that nobody else ever thought of. One of the most renowned kite builders of our time, his kites are known for their unusual shapes and beautiful colors. Made of ripstop nylon with carbon spars. 6’-0” x 4’-1” with 30-ft. ripstop nylon tail. 28” case. Use 100-lb. Dacron line. Wind Range: 3-18 mph.

Product Specifications
Skill Level: Beginner
Minimum Wind Speed: 3
Maximum Wind Speed: 18
Neil Sparks Submitted: 9/19/2018
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Not what I was hoping for.
Product Rating
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First of all don’t let this review reflect on my thoughts or experience with ITW! I had initially purchased a Hoffman Canard Delta, and wow was I completely impressed! I saw this Brasington Angel wing and thought at 135 Dollars it should have the same quality and outstanding flight characteristics of the 130 dollar Conrad Delta, I was sorely mistaken! When it arrived and I removed it from its carry case I was like that’s it? Don’t get me wrong once assembled it looks very cool, but it’s light weight and let’s say less than stellar construction I was very disappointed given the price I paid for it! I figured oh well live and learn. Next up to the back yard for it’s maiden voyage, once it the air “ with a steady moderate wind” it would dart back and forth continuously, ok maybe a bridal issue, brought it down and adjusted bridal, sent it back up, not as bad as before but still erratic. Brought it down and packed it up for the day. In my opinion this kite is not worth $135.
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Price: $135.00