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On Sale: Silver Fox Stunt Kite

A snap to change from precision to trick
Product Description

On Sale: Silver Fox Stunt Kite
Simply by switching bridle attachments from the blue to pink beads, the Silver Fox changes from a beginner-friendly 3-point bridle to a trick-happy turbo bridle. At the blue beads, it's slow, precise and takes a good amount of arm movement. At the pink beads, it's more responsive, stalls readily and does high level tricks with ease. This particular kite has been flown. There was a 3/4" hole in the sail near the leading edge which has been patched. The leading edge spreader openings are frayed. The zipper pull on the case is broken. However, the zipper still functions fine. Otherwise, the kite is in great condition and should perform optimally. Made of 1/2-oz. ripstop polyester with wrapped carbon spars. 8'-2" x 3'-0". 12.8-oz. 63/38" case. Use 100 to 150-lb. Dyneema lines. Original price $189. Sale price $149.

Product Specifications
Skill Level: Intermediate
Minimum Wind Speed: 5
Maximum Wind Speed: 20
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Price: $149.00
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