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Leon II Add-on Kite

Put on a bigger show
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Product Description

Leon II Add-on Kite
Add these kites to your Leon II three-stack for an even bigger sky show and more pull. The Add-on kites include tails and Larkshead loops that can be attached to the last kite in the train. These add-on kites cannot be flown separately. The three-stack Leon II case will hold five kites and the flying line included with the three-stack will be adequate for up to five Leon II kites. The three stack bridle and frame are also designed for up to five kites but to stack more than five kites together, modifications must be made. Made of ripstop polyester on a fiberglass frame. 2'-7" x 2'-8". 6 to 30 mph winds.

Product Specifications
Skill Level: Beginner
Minimum Wind Speed: 6
Maximum Wind Speed: 30
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Price: $36.00