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ITW Fleet Stunt Kite 3 Stack

Serious power in an eye-catching stack
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Product Description

ITW Fleet Stunt Kite 3 Stack
Our progressive train puts on a great show and lets the flier see the action of all the kites. A hard pulling trio, with tight turns and good edges, it's lots of fun in normal conditions, and scarily powerful in 30 mph winds. Made of ripstop nylon with carbon and hybrid carbon/fiberglass spars, the kites are: 3'-10" x 2'-0", 4'-11" x 2'-5", and 5'-9" x 2'-11". 22.5-oz. Ready to Fly with 100' 300-lb. Dyneema lines, padded straps and winder.

Product Specifications
Skill Level: Intermediate
Minimum Wind Speed: 6
Maximum Wind Speed: 30
djwaite01 Submitted: 11/1/2015
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I had my eye on this kite for some time
Product Rating
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I had my eye on this kite for some time, and have some experience with the prism 5 micro stack. I like the progressive design of the ITW stack much better and the color design is stunning. Each kite is attached to one another by 5 points.. two on the lower point of the wings, one in the bottom center, and two mid way up on each wing. There is no easy way to store this stack with the kites attached.. in fact when i did the resulting tangle was a real mess. Instead I undid the lark's head knot to each point so the three kites could be wrapped up individually. This seemed to work much better.. and doesn't delay the set up nearly as much as trying to undo a tangle. The pull of this stack is as strong as my 2.1m foil and the padded handles this stack comes with are very comfortable.
mgruszka Submitted: 11/1/2015
Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar

Definitely an eye catcher/crowd pleaser
What is your opinion of this product?
Definitely an eye catcher/crowd pleaser. Have flown this stack several times on the beach in Florida in 10-15mph winds. Pulls hard at 15 and up, but very smooth flying. Flew fine as shipped, no adjustments. Any stack, including this one has a tendency to tangle if not stored and handled right. Suggest you roll each kite in order, secure with velcro tie (ties were not included), then wind stack lines around kite. Do the same for # 2 kite, roll lines around it and #3 kite, do the same for #1 (small) and reverse when setting out. #1 kite has a very small upper spreader, which can get lost easily, suggest an o-ring or elastic attachment to spine to keep it from being dropped. Flying lines were uneven as shipped, so check them before flying and again after first couple of flights. Overall this is a great 3 stack for the money!
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