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8" Kite Line Hoop Spool
I used this spool with 1000' of 100-lb
By: wdb777      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? A handy item. 8" size is good, unless you need to carry more line than most. While the current catalog description here does not claim that it's unbreakable, the manufacturer makes (or at least used to make) that claim. Oddly enough, the chunk that broke off my spool when dropped contained most of the word, UNBREAKABLE. It isn't.
A handy item
By: lavarunner      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? I used this spool with 1000' of 100-lb. dacron line attached to a Downtown Delta on a windy day with strong gusts. The advantage of this spool is that you can let out the line very quickly. This is extremely important since the kite started to dive a number of times and I had to let out the kite line without delay to avoid a crash. I haven't used any other type of winder but I can't imagine a better device for letting out line really fast.