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Into The Wind Star 7 Box Kite
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By:      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Beautiful, BUT with some caveats: (1) it is very unstable at the upper end of its wind range because the frame warps, causing parts of the sail to slacken and flap about. In wind just strong enough to make palm trees sway, it meanders and dives. At a lower angle (when climbing) the warping is even worse, so hand launching and letting line out slowly is a must. At a high angle where the pull is least strong, it stays somewhat stable, but once it starts meandering it's nothing but trouble. (2) Inserting the spars (especially the seventh) is tricky; it takes dexterity and practice to avoid scraping them against the metal connectors on their way in. A pipe cleaner may be necessary to remove dust and sand so that the spars don't get scratched. (3) The bridle is attached to only three of the seven center spars, and the seams at those points aren't particularly well-reinforced. Another reason why I won't fly this kite if I can see white caps on the ocean.
By: DmitrifromCali      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? The kite was delivered, appropriately, on Christmas Eve, and being impatient, I had already assembled it within half an hour of its arrival. I found it surprisingly easy; it took only a couple of minutes and was no trouble at all. Disassembly was equally simple. And it looked beautiful just sitting there. \ \ The next day I flew it on the beach. Yes, on Christmas Day, which here in Christchurch, New Zealand, is in mid-summer. Conditions were good, with about 10-12mph winds, and it flew without a problem. It did come down twice when I had it tied-off while I photographed it, but both times it self-launched almost immediately. \ \ Today, four days later, I flew it again in stronger winds, 18-20mph. It was rock solid, and I had the feeling it would have stayed up for as long as the wind was blowing. It does need a little attention sometimes - it really needs to be flown rather than anchored, but that makes it more interesting. \ \ I have one major complaint. As ITW say in the description, it flies at a high angle for a cellular kite. This is fine, except that while others on the beach are admiring its beauty, the poor kite-flier is looking up at an almost side-on view and wishing that he could see more of it. I shall have to have a friend take turns flying it so that I can be the one doing the admiring. \