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ITW Valhalla Delta Kite
A nostalgic kite with moxy
By:      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? A nostalgic kite with moxy. \ The Nantucket Valhalla kite is a throwback to the pre-ripstop/pre-fiberglass era of kiting. Because of that, serious kite flyers are going to take exception to the materials of construction and case. At least, I did. I bought one anyway. As luck would have it, the day it arrived turned out to be a tree bending, dust lifting, tumbleweed rolling 25 mph howler. This is exactly the kind of day the kite is marketed for. I assembled and attached 50 lb braided Dacron on a 100 lb Sampo clipped swivel. The kite jumped into the air and proceeded to climb to my limit of about 150 feet. There, the kite adjusted its shape to the changing wind and flew surprisingly well, never overflying. It resisted power dives. Nothing else in my single line bag would have stood up. I had a joyful half hour. A mighty gust of wind flexed the kite and the wooden cross spar split, flying away from the sail. That's good. The kite sank like a stone. That's good. The kite itself was not damaged. That's good. A trip to the hardware store for a quarter inch dowel and some quarter inch I.D. tubing made for a quick repair. I can recommend this kite for conditions that may otherwise keep you at home. A word of advice; measure and make several replacement cross spreader spars. Wood warps in strong winds. It splits in very strong winds. \
For my 15th Birthday
By: cgross      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? For my 15th Birthday, my parents bought me a Nantucket Kiteman Valkyrie, Kite. It was red. I called it my Red Devil and flew it for 20 years until I lost it in a crash landing in Miami Beach. (By the way it has my name and phone number so if you find it…) By this time, Al Hartig (the Kiteman) had passed away so there was no way to replace my kite. No one else was making cloth kites. \ \ So you can imagine how excited I was when I learned about the ITW Valhalla kites. Like the Valkyrie it is cloth and wood. While it is not handmade, it is made in America. I chose the red Spiro which ITW really should feature on their web site. My wife thinks it is even prettier than the Valkyrie was. (Blasphemy!) \ \ My first flight was in NYC’s Central Park which was appropriate because that is where Hartig flew his kites before he relocated to Nantucket. Wind was low and it took several tries to get the kite up but fly she did and the way she glided along the winds reminded me of the Valkyrie. I had to keep letting the string out and reeling it in to keep the kite in the air but I was eventually able to use all 500 feet of string. I ordered the Dacron line which ITW told me was tangle resistant. It is, and for that reason, worth the premium price. \ \ My next flight was in Virginia Beach in a substantially stronger wind. The wind was so strong that the kite kept tipping to the side and free falling. I kept the height at about 150 or so feet this time because to fly it higher would have put me in the same situation that cost me my Valkyrie. Happy to report both I & the Valhalla were up to the challenge. \ \ So far, having a wonderful time with this kite. Hope to fly it for 20 years and then some. \