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Giant Bald Eagle Kite
I just flew the 9ft
By: Zonarichard      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? First off, I didn't buy the Eagle from ITW-didn't carry it at the time-and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. A realistic Bald Eagle kite? Sweet! Having flown it for a while now there are a few things I'll share with you folks out there. Main thing, this is a beautiful kite, very lifelike, whereas all the other eagle kites I've seen are cartoons of the real thing. Trust me-I'm a birder and I live not far from Sauk City, Wisconsin, where the real deal gathers each winter. The flying action is very realistic too, so much so that I'll never fly it where eagles are present-ever seen video of eagle courtship? I would rate it at 5 just for looks! There's the roses, here's the thorns-construction could be better on the head, the wire that forms the bow of the beak is covered with a single layer of nylon, and when it it hits concrete it'll wear through(mine has). Fly far from pavement, you'll be okay, but if there's a sidewalk nearby this bird will find it when it comes down. There is a vinyl tubing spar join in the leading edge that can slide and separate if not kept an eye on, I check mine before each flight. It's a natural glider like the real bird, so if you see it nose on it's time to haul in line fast! Don't let this all scare you off, it's worth it, people from nearby highways have come over to see if it's real!
By: drossner      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? Instructions!!!!! I have a lot of kites and most of which that have somewhat complicated set up need better instructions!. Sad to say that I went to the beach this weekend to fly my new bday kite to only spend a ton of time with no success. There are two v shaped connectors and the instructions are poorly drawn and gave me and a few others that looked at it the impression they went one way but not the other. Needless to say no air that day. However, I did spend some time on labor day yesterday re thinking and reversed them for the heck of it and it seemed to work. So I went back to the beach and this thing flew amazing. So good that it cleared the whole beach of all the seagulls in no time flat. People from all over were asking where I got it, how much, etc.. Great kite but give it a 4 for the instructions, and also as the rubber tubing is not the best on the leading edge and separates a lot and only time will tell but the stitching seems to be only par. Deal with that after a few hours of flight
First off
By: dougonfly52      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? I just flew the 9ft. Bald Eagle kite today. Very nice kite! Ihad light winds and it soard almost overhead. I thought it was easy to put together and fly. It scattered all of the Doves and birds in a hurry! Looks very COOL in the air. Again, nice kite!