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Metolius Gloves for Kite Flying
Nice Quality Protective Leather Gloves!
By: Jim from Tampa, FL      Submitted: 3/23/2016

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I love these gloves! They fit well, Velcro over the wrist, and have nice suede padding where needed to protect from line burns while winding a hoop or winder in higher winds, and making holding the hoop or ball-bearing winder a lot more comfortable while flying the kite. These are made from a very soft and attractive but fairly thick protective leather, and are very comfortable to wear - even in the Florida heat. Now I can keep my Giro bike gloves for riding instead of kite flying! Highly recommend these gloves and the larges seemed to be a true size for me as what I typically wear in gloves, ski gloves and bike gloves.
The gloves themselves are fine for what they are
By: Glenn      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? The gloves themselves are fine for what they are. I have a twofold concern First ITW does not provide any glove sizing measurement guides. Secondly, and more significant is that ITW's choice of open fingered glove is not the best product! If you look at the Metolius product catalog, you will discover that there is a type of open fingered glove that has extra padding up the index finger. This is exactly where kite line wears out a glove! ITW has elected to not sell this type, and further confuses the issue because the product photo does not allow the buyer to see the finger padding area.