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Prism Nexus Stunt Kite 5-Pack
Ive had this stacker for about 2 years now
By: aclement      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Great Kite, lots of fun. Lots of power. To much power for the strings. need to buy stronger string set. to fly it..........enjoy
Great Kite
By: mitaju4      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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What is your opinion of this product? Ive had this stacker for about 2 years now, and WOW!!! I fregin love it. It has has great power and "WILL" drag you if your not tethered. But wheres the fun in that right? Stock line is weak, so do yourself a favor and get upgraded line (I got 300) and padded wrist straps, cause the stockers will turn your hands to fall asleep. It has been absolute fun and I couldn't have spent that wad any better. Its for sure a show-boat rig as well, always gets a crowd, and I'm always asked to bring it out when its a good day. Has great ability even in little wind, but you'll have to lose the tails. Setup takes a bit, the tails tend to get tangled easily, and i usually need an assistant (wife). On real blustery days, I use a cork-screw from my dogs leash to tether down, with a leather beat and climbers rig. Buy it, you will love it. Id like to get another stack and attach it so that I could have 10 of buggers up there. GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!! Wish the company would make a bigger set (Span Wise). GET HEAVIER LINE !!!!!