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George Peters Square Flyer Kite
My rating is a 4
By: beecnul8r      Submitted: 11/1/2015

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Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? My rating is a 4.5, but no decimals are allowed on the site. \ \ This is a fun-to-fly small kite that zips up quickly in its wind range. \ Fly it like a fighter, that is with the line in hand and reel on the ground. I find this kite engrossing an entertaining to fly. Can be flown without the tails making it a true fighter and even more challenging to fly. \ \ The catalog description states that there is a secondary spar included. I think this may be in error. What is included and is needed to fly the kite is a cross spar that spans from the left side, to the top of the kite and then to the right hand side. Be sure to read the enclosed direction sheet for proper set-up and bridle adjustments. \ \ I found that it is best to use a larkshead knot to tie the flying line. A swivel was just too heavy and caused launch problems. The end cap loosened and was lost on the second flight. I am going to super glue all end caps from now on. \ \ The kite is well made and priced fairly. I have flown about 6 hours with no visible wear and highly recommend this kite.
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