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ITW Gold Manta Kite by Paul de Bakker

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The Skate XXLA huge kite with four times the sail area of the Skate, Paul de Bakker's Manta flies in the same low to no-wind conditions as its little brother. Unlike the Skate, it's a more laid-back style of kite that doesn't require a lot of attention. The Manta could be the first kite out of your bag in the morning when the wind isn't up yet and the last one to be put away when the wind drops off at sunset. There's something magical about this big kite as it floats effortlessly in a seemingly windless sky. 10'-8" x 8'-0". 36/67" case. 1 to 6 mph winds. Use 100-lb. Dacron line.

More Information
Product Brand Into The Wind
Skill Level Advanced
Minimum Wind 1 mph
Maximum Wind 6 mph
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