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Karl's Dove Kite

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Karl’s Dove is expensive and worth itDesigned by Karl Longbottom, this Dove Kite is carefully manufactured in a small boutique kite shop in Taiwan. With realistic feather details and wings that flap just like a real bird, it’s made of ripstop nylon with laminated trailing edges that flutter without fraying, showing how thoughtfully it’s designed and built. And if it’s love you’re looking for, fly two doves together. Originally commissioned for a wedding at the Brighton Kite Festival in 2009, two doves can be flown from the ends of a spar in a delightful kinetic display. Click on the video link to watch Jim Nicholls launch and fly this kite plus show you how to rig and fly a pair. Watch the kite fly and the pair dance; you’ll see why those in the know appreciate this kite’s value. 4’-9” x 2’-4”. 31” case included. Wide 3 to 20 mph wind range. Includes 150' of 100-lb line on a handle.

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Product Brand None
Skill Level Beginner
Minimum Wind 6 mph
Maximum Wind 14 mph
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