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Creative Kite Designs

Historical? Surrealistic? Inflatable? Anthropomorphic? All of the above?  That might be a stretch even for a Creative Kite Design. But if you’re looking for any one of these characteristics, we’ve got you covered.  For a time-tested design, consider a Roller or maybe a Rokkaku, a traditional six-sided Japanese fighter kite. Because of its large surface and simple construction, it can be used for Kite Aerial Photography. Planes, dames, ships and shuttles are all prepared for their next whimsical flight. Ethereal Spirit Man, brilliant Italian stars and Brasington’s Angel Wings long for their place in the heavens. Active fliers like Alain’s Switch, Prism’s Flip Kite or Martin’s Hypar will make you smile. What’s the perfect complement for Martin’s Legs? Why Martin’s Top Half, of course. Pick a creative kite and take flight. Kites make a personal statement in the sky. Let your visions soar!

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