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Flying Creature Kites

Make the sky come alive with these flying birds, butterflies and beasts. Share the air with your fellow creatures. Realistic or whimsical, these delightful kites will add life to your kiteflying.  Whether it’s one of George Peters’ fanciful Pterosaurs, Dragonflies or Buzz Bees that catches your eye or Karl Longbottom’s exquisite Dove kite that you watched soar on the often viewed YouTube video, you’ll find just the right creature to climb to the clouds. Vying for first place in Kites for Kids is the inexpensive Batzilla, followed closely by our myriad butterfly kites. They’re often chosen not just because they’re beautiful in the blue but because they are a decorator’s favorite way to herald Springtime. Our Tropical Parrot kites can be flown alone or combined to create a spectacle of fun in flight.  No matter which one you choose, some of the best loved kites are flying creatures.

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