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Foil + Sled Kites

Always be prepared to go fly a kite. Inflated by the wind itself, Airfoils’ frameless construction allows the kites to adjust to the wind rather than resist it. Especially good in strong winds, they develop more lift than any other type of kite. For that reason, they’re one of the most popular kites for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) where lifting a camera, triggered either remotely or automatically, allows for sky high photos. These wind inflated kites have nothing to assemble or break. Hikers and backpackers love the way they pack up small and fly in a wide range of winds. Sled kites have no lateral spars. Like Airfoils, the wind itself gives them shape, although the vertical spars in some Sleds helps them to maintain that shape. Efficient and lively fliers, their self-adjusting bridle allows them to catch or spill the wind as needed. The simplest of all kites, sleds also require the least wind to fly.

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