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ITW UltraFoil 30 Kite

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Ray and Jeanne Merry update the FlowformUltraFoils have a wide wind range. In light winds, their tall airfoils get more lift. The lower vents aid in initial inflation and the upper vents relieve pressure. In strong winds, the dynamic trailing edge vent opens to release a stabilizing jet of air. A high angle flier with good, consistent pull, it's perfect for lifting Line Laundry. The higher aspect ratio of the UltraFoil 30 increases power and efficiency. Made of ripstop nylon, it needs no assembly and has nothing to break. Wind range: 5 to 30 mph. 5'-9" x 4'-10". 25-ft. ripstop nylon tail included along with 18" x 16" case. Use 300-lb. Dacron line and wear gloves.

More Information
Product Brand Into The Wind
Skill Level Experienced
Minimum Wind 5 mph
Maximum Wind 30 mph
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