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Glider Kites

Indoors and on windless days, glider kites keep the fun going without the wind. Over the last ten years, gliders have gradually become the most common kites flown at indoor kiting events. There are several to choose from, each with slightly different flight characteristics. With a little practice, almost anyone can learn to fly a glider, even from a chair. The iFlite in particular, is not only lightweight but can be flown with ease. Prism’s Zero G was inspired by the chief designer for the Fokker Aircraft Company after WW1. With small wings in front, the canard configuration results in a virtually stall-proof glider. The Wala gliders can be more difficult to fly but also have the ability to “back flip” when flown by a skilled pilot. Paul de Bakker’s Skate is precise and popular on the indoor kiting circuit. Regardless of which kite you choose, you’ll discover that flying a glider indoors is relaxing, eventually effortless and zen-like. No wind? No problem.

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