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Green Emong Glider Kite

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Play in the lightest windsInspired by horseshoe crabs, Victor Kang's Emong has a graceful shape and a fluid, gliding flight. Light enough for indoor flying, it's a lot of fun in frustratingly light 0 to 3 mph winds. Responsive to line control in a fighter-kite-like way, it's smoother, slower and easier to fly than most fighters. The resilient frame makes it remarkably durable, especially for such a lightweight kite. The tail tension is adjustable to adapt its flight for long glides in a large flying field or for tighter turning agility in a small flying field. 3'-10" x 3'-3". 40" case. Ready to Fly with 160' of 90-lb. polyester line on a winder.
More Information
Product Brand Flying Wings
Skill Level Experienced
Minimum Wind 0 mph
Maximum Wind 3 mph
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