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Kite Kits

Perfect for group projects or classroom workshops, these kits take the guesswork out of making kites. Easy-to-follow instructions allow a wide range of age groups to build great flying kites from “scratch.” The kits made of durable Tyvek® will not only last for many flights, but they give each kiteflier the opportunity to personalize their kite with acrylic paints or markers. Or, choose the pre-made, ready to fly Paint A Diamond kite with a blank nylon canvas, perfect for decorating with the included brush and paints. These kite kits might be just the inspiration you need to put on your own kite festival or, maybe a workshop, to celebrate April’s National Kite Month. Any way you fly it, kitemaking is an inexpensive and easy way to introduce kids to the fun of kiteflying.

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