Lime/Black Smithi Quad Line Kite

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Power at your fingertips
Power at your fingertipsAnything but docile, Smithi has tons of power. It can stop suddenly and steer in any direction, even backwards! A sophisticated bridle system and one-way cell valves enable super tight turns without losing altitude. Where other soft quads will collapse, Smithi's canopy will have enough inside pressure to hold the shape and be fully maneuverable. With a little practice, it can fly sideways! Smithi is also not afraid of water, so take it to the beach. Fun to watch and even more fun to fly, this quad kite can be a challenge to control in stronger winds when it pulls like a wide animal. But careful use of the brakes can keep this sweet sensation in check. Made of ripstop nylon. 7'-5" x 2'-5". 7" x 19" case. Ready to Fly with 65' 300/200-lb. Dyneema quad lines, handles and winder.
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Product Brand N/A
Skill Level Intermediate
Minimum Wind 8 mph
Maximum Wind 25 mph