Gray/Red Smithi Pro 2018 Quad Line Kite

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Take a Pro for a test spin
Take a Pro for a test spinBased on the original Smithi, the Smithi Pro is capable of lightning fast pivot turns, backwards flight and even side slides. It's sure to be a test of your reflexes. These maneuvers are unique to a foil and are made possible by three one-way valves located along the leading edge of the kite, helping it to maintain its shape where other foils would collapse. The Smithi Pro also has better light wind performance than the original Smithi due to its ultra-lightweight ripstop nylon canopy and a bridle of non-sleeved braided Dyneema and, at about 2/3 the size of the original, much less pull making it easier to manage in a large range of wind. Porche Skytex 40 ripstop nylon. 6'-3" x 2'-2". 5 to 28 mph winds. Line and handles are not included. Use 90/90-lb. Quad-Line Set or 150/150-lb. Quad-Line Set for stronger winds. Wolkensturmer Quad Handles or Revolution Quad Handles are recommended.
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Product Brand N/A
Skill Level Intermediate
Minimum Wind 5 mph
Maximum Wind 28 mph