Koi Kabuki Rokkaku Koi Kite

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Stage Your Own Kabuki Sky Show

Stage Your Own Kabuki Sky ShowThese Rokkaku showstoppers are designed and constructed with a meticulous attention to history and detail, drawing inspiration from traditional Kabuki theater characters and themes in Japanese art. Each kite is sewn from panels of ripstop nylon, giving it both traditional style and modern durability. They are smooth show fliers and are not meant for fighting – works of art that glide on the wind! Made of ripstop nylon with fiberglass spars. Adjustable bow lines give it a wide, 4 to 20 mph wind range. 3'-2" x 4'-0". 48" case. Use 50 to 100-lb. line.

More Information
Product Brand Gomberg Kite Productions International
Skill Level Beginner
Minimum Wind 4 mph
Maximum Wind 20 mph