Prism Tensor 3.1 Power Stunt Kite

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Get into traction kiting, easily and safely
Get into traction kiting, easily and safelyDesigned for land based traction kiting and general power kiting, Prism's Tensor backs up its power with multiple safety systems. Kite killer wrist straps let you stop all pull instantly and land your kite safely. Ready to Fly with an innovative convertible control bar that can transform into quad-line handles. Easier for inexperienced kiters, the “dual line" bar is similar to systems used for kitesurfing. Experienced fliers usually prefer the control and maneuverability of quad handles for buggying, snow kiting, landboarding etc. Made of ripstop nylon. 65' 500/300-lb. Spectra lines, stainless steel ground stake and 10" x 32" backpack/duffel included.
More Information
Product Brand Prism Kites
Skill Level Experienced
Minimum Wind 5 mph
Maximum Wind 18 mph